What to do if one wired earphone does not work?

January 16, 2024
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If you are faced with a situation where one earphone works and the other does not, and you are wondering what to do if one earphone does not work and the other works wiredthen this article is intended for you. This common problem can occur for a number of reasons, ranging from a malfunction of the device itself to external factors that can damage your equipment. We will offer several proven methods for diagnosing and eliminating these types of problems, which will help you enjoy your music to the fullest again.

Troubleshooting simple problems

ProblemPossible solution
1. No sound
  • Check the connection to the audio jack.
  • Make sure the cable is not damaged.
  • Try connecting the headphones to another device.
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2. Sound is distorted
  • Check for dust or dirt in the audio jack.
  • Try a different audio jack or port.
  • Check for damage cable.
3. One side does not work
  • Check if the cable around the connector is damaged.
  • Try the headphones on another device.
  • Check the sound balance in the device settings.
4. Headphones malfunction when cable moves
  • Check for kinks or damage in the cable.
  • Use tape or clamps to temporarily fix kinks.
  • Consider replacing the cable.

Checking the connection

You should start with the most basic step – checking the connection. You may be wondering what to do if one ear isn’t working on wired headphones—start by making sure it’s not a connection problem. Ensure that the connector is firmly and correctly inserted into the audio jack of the device, as poor contact may result in loss of sound from one of the headphones.

Visual Inspection and Cleaning

Continue with visual inspection for damage and breaks. If examining your headphones doesn’t reveal the cause of the problem, you may be wondering: Why is one headphone not working while the other wired ones are working? In this case, you should move on to deeper diagnostics, including checking the software and possible oxidation of the contacts.

Testing headphones on other devices

Often the problem may lie not in the headphones, but in the device, to which they are connected. There is an easy way to make sure your headphones are working properly: try connecting them to another device. If the headphones work correctly, then you should look for the cause of the malfunction in the original device. And if you’re asking yourself what to do if one earbud doesn’t work and the other wired one works, connecting to another device will give you the answer to that question.

Audio settings

When you If you’ve checked the hardware and are wondering what to do next, it’s worth paying attention to the sound settings of your device. The sound balance may not be adjusted correctly or the audio system may need to be reconfigured. Check your audio settings to make sure that the problem is not related to the software.

Technical solutions to the problem

Software and device drivers

If checking your audio settings does not reveal problems, it’s time to pay attention to the software. Outdated or damaged sound card drivers may cause headphones to not work correctly. The following steps can help you ensure that software and drivers are not causing the problem:

  1. Check for updates to your sound card drivers in Device Manager on your computer or in device settings for smartphones.
  2. Install all available updates and restart the device.

Headphone repair

If the previous steps did not help, you may need to repair your headphones. Assess the situation and determine whether it is worth taking the headphones to a service center. Professionals will be able to perform accurate diagnostics and, if necessary, replace components. If you decide to attempt DIY repairs, be aware that doing so may void your warranty and cause further damage.

Do-It-Yourself Repairs

Before attempting DIY repairs, make sure you have you have the necessary tools and certain skills. Here are the basic steps to consider:

  1. Use the proper tools to open the earphone case if the problem appears to be internal components.
  2. Be prepared to replace damaged ones cables or soldering contacts, but remember that incorrect actions can permanently damage the headphones.


So, we have looked at the most typical ways to fix problems if it doesn’t work one earphone for a wired pair. From simple connection tests to complex diagnostic techniques, you’re armed with the knowledge to help you restore the functionality of your headphones. In the event that all methods have been tried and there is no result, it is recommended to contact professionals for high-quality repair or replacement of the product.


  • What to do if Wired headphones don’t work in one ear?
    Check the headphone connections, do visual inspection and cleaning, try using the headphones with another device, check the audio settings and update the drivers. If this doesn’t help, a repair may be needed.

  • Should you try to repair the headphones yourself?
    It depends on your skills and experience. If the headphones are no longer under warranty and you are confident in your abilities, you can try. Otherwise, it is better to contact a specialist.

  • How can you prevent rapid wear of wired headphones?
    Avoid bending the cable too much, especially at the connector, avoid moisture and do not leave the headphones in places where they can be easily damaged.

  • Could the problem be with the device itself and not with the headphones?
    Yes, there may be a problem with the audio jack or the device’s audio settings. Try using the headphones with another device to check.

  • Is it worth repairing if the headphones are cheap?
    If the cost of repair exceeds the cost of new ones headphones or comparable, it will likely be wiser to buy a new pair of headphones.